Disasters & Development

Over the past week, I have enjoyed cement based triumphs and gravity related hiccups on a growing scale. From dropping my new black concrete bowls x 2, through to snapping casts due to not letting things dry correctly. So this week sees the introduction of drying racks and a proper system for drying, casting, costing and general production (it’s for the best!)

For the purpose of marketing and a few gifts for friends, we’ve bought some silicone alphabet moulds and had some real fun making letters but had great frustration put on us by the gods of the letters U, C, G and Q which have inherent weaknesses within their natural design, hence they crack… GRRRRRRRR!

And finally, we’ve pulled 3 rather nice round bowls (2 medium and 1 large) and spent ages gilding the inside of the aforementioned which are looking sublime and give of the most warming glow you’ll ever see!

We’ve found new materials for casting in the form of interesting types of aggregates & cement, touched upon using oxides for colouring and drying agents for a more productive studio. We’ve bought dust masks and overalls as well as rapidly learning the hard way not to wear your new spectacles while casting or walk straight back into the house when you’ve finished (clue: footprints) But most of all it’s been a bloody good week!…