Branding DisasterKast

When I had the idea to start DisasterKast it was to remain the epitome of resourcefulness, found/reused waste objects made into visually strong interior wares, decor and useful products for the home, office or quite frankly wherever you choose to put them.

The logo is simply based on simple brutalist influences (growing up in Sheffield meant you were surrounded by them), but the approach is quite punk! (The lower case i is a slightly rebellious two fingered salute to the ‘can’t do that-ers’).. casting with little initial technical knowledge (hence the name DisasterKast) at the start and building a product which develops as each day passes. The decision was made to build a brand evolving over time that reflects the working approach… lo-fi yet sophisticated enough to create intrigue with a real hand-made cut ‘n paste feel.

Next up would be to start having some fun with our brand. We were given an old desktop monochrome photocopier by Mary at Tea with Alice and decided to manipulate the logo by moving it about as the copier scans. We made twenty different takes and made a cool gif which is a sneak peek of how the brand is going to visually progression, a real nod towards analogue, hands-on production and good old school creative experiments. See the GIF Below

Our next step is to create new add-ons for the brand from product tags (Below: which are made from the back of a fly-tipped set of drawers) to cardboard dispatch boxes, business cards and brochures, that make the powder grey starting product end up looking like a million dollars and convey our rather cool story of re-recycling other peoples trash into something worth having!