Our first wholesale order!

It’s a lovely feeling when someone invests their belief into what you do and decides to throw some money your way! Café 1901 in Jesmond have commission Dissterkast to make 23 table planters and 8 larger planters for the toilet windows all with added colour and gold foil detailing. Cafe 1901 is situated in an old church in Jesmond, Newcastle and is a creative space that has the community at its heart. We welcome everyone to come and enjoy the space including canine friends!

This is my first bigger casting and with this comes the learning curve from rejects to faults and new issues which I hadn’t experience with singular castings as much, to sourcing decent plants at a decent price and learning a bit along the way about wholesale flower purchasing. To cast the larger pots I had to purchase 8 x 2-litre tetrapaks of fruit juice and have probably pushed myself to the verge of diabetes drinking them all! (I don’t usually buy my moulding containers but as this is a time-specific piece need be!)

To finish all the vessels gold foil is applied roughly which left the garage covered looking like someone had hosted an exuberant ambassador’s style party.

The planters look great in situ at Café 1901, amongst all the tables and add a natural/design element to the loo’s, if you get a chance to pop over let me know what you think!

PS. If you do think about working with cacti seriously watch your fingers as the finer cacti deliver a bit of a sting, which can quite easily get infected. #justsayin


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