Backstreet ceramics made from other people’s rubbish doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Disasterkast is a response to over-consumption and waste (lot’s of it!), after seeing growing amounts of plastic products floating around the streets multidisciplinary artist Bobzilla decided to turn it into interiors gold. Starting as a developmental project playing with cement, dyes and moulds, slowly turning into a modern desirable product that looks brutally delightful.

Picture this: packaging items are interrupted on their way to the recycling point and given an extra use as a mould for modern planters, lamp bases, pencil holders and ornaments before being added back into the recycling to continue their journey of plastic reincarnation.

Through a process of continual development, occasional failings and focused research, DisasterKast make modern utilitarian products for the home, office and studio entirely by hand from a working base in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear.